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by Grandma Rosies

There was a time not that many years ago, when having fresh fruit, vegetables and milk delivered to your door was completely normal. Unfortunately, supermarkets and increased car ownership made your friendly delivery man obsolete.

In 2016, thanks to online ordering and an increased importance placed on healthy food, the delivery and milk man is making a comeback.

The New Fruit & Veg Delivery Man

This time, your local delivery man is bringing everything from fresh produce and vegetables, to milk, eggs and daily consumables. The appetite for organic produce shows no signs of slowing down and there’s a new wave of suppliers serving both the consumer and business market.

What Types of Delivery Are Available?

With large numbers of suppliers filling the market, there’s a huge variety in the type of fruit and vegetables you can get delivered to your home or business. Most of it is also fantastically fresh, being picked hours before consumption.

Organic Boxes

These are complete boxes of fruit and veg, delivered to your home that generally should keep you in healthy food for a week at a time. Prices range from about $10 per box right up to $40 for a deluxe box that’s jam packed with healthy options.

As the name suggests, all the fruit delivered in an organic box is grown without pesticides or chemicals which is part of the appeal; especially for those who are taking an active interest in their health and the environment.

Supermarket Delivery 

The supermarket chains have been quick to realise the promise of delivery. Almost all major chains offer some style of online service and some even offer a “quick pick up” service.

These services are quite popular because of the price, variety and convenience, all large selling points for supermarket brands. The negative points are the fact supermarket fruit and veg tends to be well travelled and cultivated using non-organic means.

Milk Man Style Delivery

This is a uniquely British affair that was exported to countries all over the world that’s making a huge comeback! And amongst the milk, eggs and orange juice is a whole new section – fruit and vegetables.

The great thing about this style of delivery, is that your friendly local milkman is often well known in the community and payment is taken each week. “Milk and More” is just one example of a brand making a big comeback in the UK and the USA is not too far behind with delivery routes being re-imagined in New York, Massachusetts and other larger urban areas.

Business Delivery

fruit deliveryThis is one area of the fruit and vegetable delivery business that never really died away. Restaurants and cafes all need a healthy supply of fresh produce to keep their patrons happy.

One things that has changed however, is the quality and variety of produce available. Commercial fruit and veg delivery suppliers now offer a wide range of produce, some of it quite exotic in origin.

The Future

One of the sticking points that many “organic box” customers mention is “fruit and veg fatigue”. After a few weeks of fresh fruit and vegetable delivery, customers often run out of ways to use up all the produce before it begins to spoil.

After a month of this, busy working age people tend to become fed-up of the organic box delivery and cancel. Some data shows that 40% of all new box subscribers tend to cancel within the first 3 months.

Still, that leaves a rather healthy 60% of customers who are quite happy to keep they weekly deliveries, something that gives farm suppliers hope.

The “new age” milkman also has a rather bright future. The ability to include or not include items from the milkman’s list means that customers can order as much fruit and veg as they need, without being overloaded; eliminating the fatigue issue.

Whatever way you decide to have your fruit and vegetables delivered, there’s so much variety right now that you can decide exactly how and when you get it!

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