‘Black Muscat of Hamburg’ Grapes 500gm *MUST TRY ONCE* *BEST EATING* *AUSSIE PRODUCE*


PREMIUM QUALITY, Aussie, Black Muscat of Hamburg Grapes, 500gm.  

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Everyone knows that Black Muscat grapes has the best flavour, is the sweetest and juiciest grape, but is only around for a very short season. 🙁
These Black Muscat grapes are (hands-down) the best eating grapes, right now!
And having seeds has never been an issue for these grapes, as they are THE most popular grape amongst our wholesale orders.
The flavour is a unforgettably fresh, and sweet. And when Black Muscat arrives on the scene, they outsell ALL the seedless grapes, by at least 3:1!

So, if you have never tried this grape before, please try 500gm once, because you will always remember their delicious, and unique flavour!

And at this price, you can bet this will be an extremely popular addition to people’s cart.

Absolutely sensational!