Blueberries Gourmet Blueberries N.Z. 125gm punnet *PREMIUM QUALITY*


PREMIUM QUALITY New Zealand Gourmet Blueberries, 125gm Punnet.

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We source only the best of what the world has to offer, and we have something truly special for you.

These tasty crisp, sweet and juicy, New Zealand Blueberries from Hastings, will DEFINITELY impress!
Located at 2 major locations on the most northern island of New Zealand, (Hastings, and Hawkes Bay) the ‘Gourmet Blueberries Company’ reputation for premium quality produce, (…and not just berries!) farming some of the finest Asparagus and leeks anywhere in the world will become apparent when eating these blueberries.
So try some today, they are absolutely delicious!


Gourmet Blueberries


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