Cherries LARGE 500gm, from ‘Cherry Hill Orchards’ *BEST EATING* *PREMIUM QUALITY*


Best Eating, Cherries, from Cherry Hill Orchards company, 500gm

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Don’t be fooled by price, on those small, soft and bland tasting cherries, which are available everywhere right now.

Take a look at the photo of the cherries in my hand..

These large, juicy, sweet, firm, Cherry Hill Orchards cherries are the best eating cherries you will find at the market right now.

The Cherry Hill Orchards company have a rich history, and because of this experience, their cherries are amazing!

Cherry Hill was established in 1940 when the current generation of owners, grandfather George Riseborough planted his first cherry tree in Victoria’s fertile Yarra Valley soil, and this year they are celebrating our 80th Birthday.

…these cherries are delicious, to say the very least.

This is their Story:

80 years on, Cherry Hill is still a 100% Australian owned family business, and is now carefully tended to by George’s grandsons Glenn and Stephen Riseborough.

Our passion and expertise for growing cherries has been passed down through generations. Our aim at Cherry Hill is to grow bite sized moments of joy, with each and every one of our cherries bursting with flavour and happiness!

When you bite into a Cherry Hill cherry you can trust that it has been handpicked from one of our Victorian orchards, packed in our Yarra Valley facility and delivered to store within 2 days of harvest, it doesn’t get fresher than that!

You will find our delicious cherries from early November through to February in Australia’s finest grocers, or you can come and pick them straight from the tree at our Yarra Valley orchard.


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