Mareeba Orchards Dried Organic Banana 85gm *PREMIUM QUALITY* *AUSSIE PRODUCT*


Dried Organic Banana, Mareeba Orchards 85gm Pack.


The Mareeba Orchards story began over 20 years ago. A fruit farmer in Far North Queensland wanted to enjoy delicious fruit all year round, rather than waiting for in-season fruit once a year. He decided to explore various farming and drying techniques, to maintain the natural taste and health benefits of the fruit. Without using any harsh chemicals or preservatives, he discovered a winning formula – the Mareeba Orchards dried fruit we enjoy today.

Mareeba Orchards Dried Fruit is 100% naturally grown in Far North Queensland Australia, renowned for its fertile soil and tropical fruit farms. We proudly support local Queensland farmers who share our passion for preservative-free, premium quality fruit. Mareeba Orchards fruit is dried and packed on our farm in Queensland, for maximum freshness and taste, and is sold in over 300 retailers across Australia, including Grandma Rosie’s.


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