Mutti Pizza Sauce Aromatizzata 3X 4.2kg Box


Premium Quality Mutti Pizza Sauce Aromatizzata 3 X 4.2kg Box


Stop searching for the PERFECT pizza sauce, because you just found it!

This premium quality ‘Mutti Pizza Sauce’ is the go-to pizza sauce used by the best Pizza Restaurants and Pizza Bars, in the business.

‘Mutti’ manufactures these sauces from only the best ingredients.

…and now, you can serve it in your home!

“Mutti Pizza Sauce Aromatizzata – is made from the freshest Italian tomatoes, chopped slightly roughly to adhere better to the pizza dough. Already flavored with oregano, onion and basil, it can also be used as a condiment on pasta and meat dishes. In addition, Mutti Pizza Sauce will be the ideal way to master the art of Italian pizza.”

…there you go.


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