Palermo Black Peppercorns with Grinder 58gm *All Natural* *No Additives*


PREMIUM QUALITY, Palermo, Black Whole Peppercorns with Grinder, 125gm


This high quality ‘Palermo’ Black Peppercorns with a grinder, has no preservatives, no additives, it is all natural, and artisan.

Palermo, also have ethical standards for the use of resources.
Their products are of superior quality, and this Black Pepper fits that description perfectly.

Here are 11 science-backed health benefits of black pepper.

  • High in antioxidants. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can damage your cells. …
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties. …
  • May benefit your brain. …
  • May improve blood sugar control. …
  • May lower cholesterol levels. …
  • May have cancer-fighting properties. …
  • A versatile spice.


…so, buy some today!

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