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Riviera ‘Sparkling Fruit Drink’ Wild Passionfruit Flavour 330ml *With Organic Fruit Juice*

Original price was: $3.50.Current price is: $2.80.

‘RIVIERA’, Wild Passionfruit Sparkling Fruit Drink, 350ml Bottle.


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‘RIVIERA’ have FINALLY arrived, at Grandma Rosie’s.
And we have 7 NEW and amazing flavours, for you to try in your home or office, for a HEAVILY DISCOUNTED PRICE!

Containing ‘Organic Fruit Juice’, these ‘RIVIERA’ Wild Passionfruit sparkling fruit drinks were conceived with the intention of making them the BEST TASTING, SPARKLING FRUIT DRINK, ON THE MARKET!
…and they’ve done EXACTLY that.

They are absolutely delicious, guilt free drinking, in a slim 330ml go glass bottle!
…there’s no downside!

This is what they have to say on their website:


“It started with a simple idea – to make the best tasting sparkling drink on the market. Then we thought, why not take it a step further? So we used organic juice and natural flavours to develop a mouth-watering range of drinks. Finally, we named it Riviera after the idyllic French and Italian coastline.
Breathtakingly delicious!”

Nourish your body as well as your taste buds with the guilt-free, deliciousness of ‘Riviera’ Sparkling Fruit Drinks.

So don’t pay upwards for $3.50, (like elsewhere) try your favourite, mouth-watering flavours, for ONLY $2.80 per bottle!

Or if you would like to try all 7 mouth-watering flavours, for a further discount, of ONLY $17, go here:


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