‘Supa Essentials’ Orange Vitamin C and Fibre 350ml *97% Fruit Juice*



‘Supa Essentials’ are selling fast, at Grandma Rosie’s!

Made from 97% fruit juice and all natural ingredients, Supa Essentials is juice filled with essential super goodness, in a slim 350ml go anywhere bottle!

Each 350ml bottle contains the equivalent of at least 2.5 serves of fruit and 50% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C and 25% of Fibre.
Furthermore, Supa Essentials is made from ‘super ingredients’ such as guava, lychee, cherry, blueberry and ginger!

And now, Supa Essentials comes in two new delicious flavours – Carrot Detox and Rainforest Fruits. Both taste great and are even better for you!

Nourish your body as well as your taste buds with the essential goodness of ‘Supa Essentials’!


Apple –

Orange –

Berry Oxidant –

Mango Magic –

Rainforest Fruits –

Carrot Detox –

Essential Greens –

Coco Power –


Available Sizes: 350mL


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