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TRU BLU ‘TIGER’ FINE Ginger Beer with Bite, 375ml Glass Bottle


PREMIUM QUALITY TRU BLU ‘TIGER’ Ginger Beer, 375ml Glass Bottle.


Refreshing Australian, refreshingly Tru Blu!
Welcome to the new and improved ‘TIGER’ Ginger Beer, WITH Bite!

‘Tiger Ginger Beer’ from TRUBLU, is the replacement for the outgoing ‘Yankee’ Ginger Beer.

This bottle is is not only LARGER, (increasing from 330ml to 375ml), but is more sophisticated and more pronounced in its flavour.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and become a fan as we have at Grandma Rosie’s.

…try some today!

From their website.

Whether it’s one of Tru Blu’s branded products or one of their contract-packed beverages, chances are at some stage, you HAVE enjoyed a Tru Blu Beverages product!

In fact, 1 in 6 beverages purchased by Australian consumers is made by Tru Blu Beverages, and now available for your convenience from Grandma Rosie’s!

What’s even more impressive is that TRU BLU are proudly 100% Australian owned, employing 400 people with state-of-the-art factories in three states, offices in each major capital city and an imposing range of manufacturing and distribution facilities across Australia.

As well as creating some of the most respected brands (LA ICE, LA maxi ICE, Diet Rite, Tiger Ginger Beer, Glee, Capri, Waterfords Lite & Fruity, Wicked, Yankee Root Beer, McSars, Ceda Creaming Soda, Lido Lemonade, Juicee, Club Dry Ginger, Pub Squash, Brewers Choice Ginger Beer, Passion Crush) that Australian families have come to love and trust, TRU BLU also pack some of Australian supermarkets’ most popular private label brands.

They also work with major packaging suppliers to reduce the amount of packaging used and the energy costs in transporting it, as well as increasing the use of recycled material in packaging.

That’s a pretty impressive track record!


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