Black Sapphire Grapes, Hand
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‘Black Sapphire Seedless’ Grapes LARGE and LONG, Kilo *ABSOLUTELY THE BEST*


‘Black Sapphire’ Seedless Black Grapes.

Best eating!


Product of Australia

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Product Description

FINALLY, ‘Black Sapphire’ grapes are back!!
These Black seedless Grapes are truly THE best eating grapes right now, and will only be around for a short season.

They are a CRISP, SUPER SWEET, LARGE, and a curiously ELONGATED grape!
(…just take a look at he photo gallery!)

These phallic looking grapes have a flavour which will keep you coming back for MORE!

They are DEFINITELY a must-try-once.

And, I am certain you will LOVE these grapes.


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