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If you want a unique, and pleasant eating apple which is crisp, juicy and sweet and excites the palate, then here it is:
Demi Rouge!

Product Description

Demi Rouge Apples are back in season!

These were our NUMBER 1 BEST SELLING Apple in 2020, from our repeat internet customers,
…and it’s NOT just because of the price, either!

You just HAVE to try these absolutely delicious ‘Demi Rouge’ Apples!

Grown by Oakmoor Orchards in Victoria, this superb eating apple is very crisp, sweet and juicy, and has characteristic hints of an old favourite of mine: the Jonagold apple.

At first glance, this red apple, looks like an apple that would grow in your Grandparents backyard or farm! They are filled with character, on the inside and out!
From their dimpled and red skin, which shifts from a deep red to paler shade of red: to the pale, but bright coloured flesh, has connoisseurs of fine apples, coming back for more.

You will fall in love with these extremely delicious apples.

Try some today.


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