BIS643 Bakehouse Tea Biscuits – Copy
BIS643 Bakehouse Tea Biscuits – Copy

Donia ‘Bakehouse’ Tea Biscuits 350gm. *BEST QUALITY* *TRADITIONAL FLAVOUR* *NEW PRODUCT*


PREMIUM QUALITY, ‘Bakehouse’ Tea Biscuits, 350gm Pack

Product Description

Best quality Donia ‘Bakehouse’ Tea Biscuits are filled with tasty, biscuity goodness, and are perfect for that dunking ritual, we’ve all learned to enjoy
Perfect for that coffee or tea break, this European style biscuit, is an ancient recipe, steeped in tradition, and has a taste which is natural, unmistakable, and utterly delicious.
We search the whole market, to bring you the best products for you and your family to enjoy, and we believe you deserve nothing less.
…try some today!


Who is the Donia Company?
Donia brand is strongly linked with traditional delights, the multi-cultural roots of sweet products of the Balkans

and the south Eastern part of Mediterranean area. Even the name “Donia” has ancient origins, meaning ”wealth”
and “source of life” in old Arabic language.
Donia since ever produces traditional sweet delights like Lokum, Halva, Jelly and Bakehouse cookies respecting the
very original recipe and using strictly natural ingredients. Donia produces in Prilep, a very old Macedonian town
founded in the Roman age with the original name of Styberra.
Donia represents high quality products, respect of the traditions, but also modern approach on quality control in
order to ensure the customer perfect and healthy standards. The secret of a good taste is not only in the ingredients,
but also in the finesse of production. Times have changed, but passion, love, and attention in the process of
production of Donia’s products remains the same to this day. We can proudly say that our masters are genuine
specialists who are consistent with the tradition of producing a high quality delights.


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