Murcott 2
Murcott 2

Mandarins – LARGE ‘GEMS Honey Murcott’ Each. *BEST EATING* *SUPER SWEET AND JUICY*


Mandarins – Best Eating, LARGE, ‘GEMS’ Honey Murcott Each. *SUPER SWEET & JUICY*


Product Description

You won’t believe the flavour of these ‘GEMS’, Honey Murcott Mandarins!
These LARGE GEMS’ Mandarins have a smooth, shiny skin, and are the first pick for the season, from the famous ‘Gayndah Citrus region’, and they are so very sweet and Juicy!
(You will discover that other great brands like ‘Roths’, ‘GR8’ and ‘Benyendah’ mandarins, are grown in that region too!)

So try some today, and see for yourself WHY these mandarins will be so popular this year!

Absolutely delicious!


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