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Mango X12 Pack Ea – Typical SizeMangoes KENSINGTONMangoes Kensington (1)

Mangoes, Kensington Pride ea. *BOWEN FRUIT* *BEST EATING* *BEST AT THE MARKET*

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Best Eating, Large, 100% Australian Grown Kensington Pride Mangoes, from Bowen. Ea.

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Product Description

We’ve been waiting all year for these PREMIUM QUALITY, Kensington Pride, Mangoes from BOWEN to arrive!

…and NOW is the BEST time to get yourself one of these trays, delivered to your door, just in time for Christmas!

Take a look at the photo of the mango in my hand.

This fruit is not small, and they are MUCH larger than most of the Mango you see in the shops right now.

They are big enough to satisfy your hunger for mangoes, and small enough NOT to share!! 😉

From the skin, to the seed, you will recognize the unique fresh flavour of these Kensington Pride mangoes.

Also, mangoes sellout very quickly at Grandma Rosie’s, so hurry!


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