passionfruit-clear-cuts1Passion Fruit

Passionfruit Ea. *SWEET AND JUICY*


Best eating Passionfruit. each.

Product Description

We have only the best, passionfruit!

Eaten with a spoon, or just squeeze out the pulp, you will thoroughly enjoy this delicious, and flavourful seedy snack!

Passionfruit promotes intestinal health, a healthy cardiovascular system, reduces anxiety and stress, assists with weight management, it’s a wonderful asthma remedy, are rich in vitamin A, B, and C, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Niacin, and many more minerals to mention here.

…a true all round fruit!

Add some to your basket today!


*The sizes and skin shades will vary from season to season, but you will only receive the best quality passionfruit, at the fairest price.




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