CMT193 Beef Slice 200gm
CMT193 Beef Slice 200gm



World Famous, PODRAVKA Beef  Slice 200gm, with handy Ring-pull lid.

Product Description

Authentic Beef Slice, inside a ring-pull can, is very handy when you are craving a quick midnight snack!
This product is produced to the highest standard, as are ALL products, produced by this legendary company.
…try some today!


Podravka d.d. is a Croatian food company based in Koprivnica.
Founded in 1934, today it is one of the largest food companies in Southeast Europe, with an estimated revenue of
570.7 million EUR (2018)
PODRAVKA are also the producers of  the World famous condiment, ‘Vegeta’.

The brothers Marijan and Matija Wolf founded the company in 14 June 1934. At the time the firm was a fruit factory. When the communists under Tito took power in 1947 the company was nationalized and received its current name.

In 1949, Podravka started producing fruit jam. In 1952 new products were released on the market: once a fruit factory Podravka now started producing candy, mustard, ketchup, fruit brandy and canned meat. The production of instant soups started in 1957. The rooster on the chicken soup became a symbol in Yugoslavia.

In 1959 Vegeta was released. Today the condiment is sold in more than 40 countries.

In 1967, Podravka had its first cooperation with international companies and exported Vegeta to Hungary and the Soviet Union for the first time. After founding the subsidiary Belupo in 1972 Podravka started producing pharmaceuticals in Ludbreg and starting 1981 in Danica as well.




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