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Affiliate FAQ

Simply create your affiliate link and send it to all your friends and start earning commission paid monthly.

How Our Rewards System Works

The new Grandma Rosie’s website automatically registers every single customer as an affiliate. This allows everyone to make a purchase on our website as usual, and in addition also enable everyone to earn a continuous commission income by referring other people to make a purchase on Grandma Rosie’s website.

The commission will be paid out at the end of each month to a registered PayPal account only. Thus everyone needs to sign up to PayPal to receive commissions if they do not have a PayPal account yet. Unfortunately bank transfer is not supported for paying out commissions.

Individual and Business Customers

Based on the feedback from our corporate/business customers, the new Grandma Rosie’s website now allows two types of account to be created: Individual and Business. The advantage of signing up as a business is a special discounted price for our products, however only businesses with valid ABN should sign up as a business account. All new business account registration will be manually verified and approved by Grandma Rosie’s.

Commission Tiers

The affiliate commission is based on the purchase amount made by the referred customers and the types of the account:

Business Customer: 5%
Individual Customer: 10%

Please note that Grandma Rosie’s reserves the right to adjust these commission rates at anytime, visit this page to always check the latest commission rate.

In addition, purchases of products already on “Special” would not earn any commission regardless of the types of account.

To check the commission you have earned, go to the My Account after logging in.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected].

Minimum Monthly Spend Threshold

To be eligible to receive a commission in any month, an affiliate must also have a personal total monthly spend set at $50 (subject to change by Grandma Rosies). The total monthly spend for each affiliate will be reset at the end of each month and does not carry forward to the next month, regardless it is over or under $50.

The minimum monthly threshold needs to be met to be eligible to receive a commission for the associated month. It is a personal monthly spend requirement and not a requirement for total purchases made by their referred customers. For example, if A refers B to sign up to Grandma Rosies’s website. Then for A to be eligible to receive a commission based on B’s total purchase in a month, A needs to personally spend at least $50 on Grandma Rosie’s website in that month. Once A has done this, then A would be eligible to receive a commission based on whatever amount of purchase B made in the same month. There is no monthly minimum requirement for B’s spend (unless B himself/herself would like to get a commission from purchase made by people B referred to Grandma Rosies website, eg. C).

If affiliates do not spend the personal minimum threshold in a month, then the commission they would be eligible for (from purchases made by people they refer) would be passed up to the next affiliate who referred them AND also satisfies the monthly personal threshold spend.

As an example, let’s say A signs up to Grandma Rosie’s website without any referrals. A then refers B, B then refers C, and C then refers D. D made a total purchase of $20 in a month, C made a total purchase of $30 in the same month, B made a total purchase of $40 in the same month, and A made a total purchase of $50 in the same month. A, B, C and D are all Individual customers.

The commission structure for each affiliate would look like this (based on personal monthly spend):

D: no commission (has not referred anyone yet)
C: no commission (has referred D, but does not meet the monthly threshold for personal spend)
B: no commission (has referred C and should be eligible for C’s purchase commission, but does not meet the monthly threshold for personal spend)
A: 10% x $40 (from B’s total purchase) + 10% x $30 (from C’s total purchase that should be paid to B but then passed up to A) + 10% x 20 (from D’s total purchase that should be paid to C but then passed up to B and then passed up to A)

A would receive commissions from all B, C and D purchases as B and C do not satisfy the monthly threshold. If A also does not spend $50 in the month, then no one would receive commissions made from A, B, C and D purchases.

Additional Notes

The commission is only applicable to the first level of referral, ie. if A refers B and then B refers C, A will earn commission from B’s purchases and B will earn commission from C’s purchases (both subject to personal monthly spend requirement). A will not earn any commission from C’s purchase (unless it is passed up). However, there is no limit to the number customers anyone can refer (A can refer D,E,F etc).

Any other rules and policies in regards to the affiliate system not specified here is at discretion of Grandma Rosies.

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