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Coffee Beans Whole 1kg *PREMIUM QUALITY* *TOP VALUE*


PREMIUM QUALITY, Coffee Beans, 1kilo. Prefect for everyday!


Every week, someone new discovers the amazing aroma and flavour of our TOP VALUE, PREMIUM Blend, Coffee Beans, and makes it part of their daily repertoire.

All because, we, at Grandma Rosie’s & 4M, have joined our collective thinking to bring you our Unique, Signature Coffee Blend experience, you can drink EVERY DAY!!
(And if you were to love 4M coffee, you will love this.)

Using only the best fair trade South American Coffee Beans, this low acid, carefully balanced, medium roast coffee blend, is not too strong, and has a pleasant and smooth body.
Capped with a delicious Golden Crema, you can easily make this well balanced coffee experience part of your daily routine.

What you have, is a final product, which is fresh and delicious, of superior quality, and will kick-start your day in an instant.

With meticulous care, attention and years of expertise going into to each 1kg bag of OUR specially blended Coffee, our preparation, and strict compliance with Australian Standards, makes the ‘Grandma Rosie’s/4M’ brand of coffee, superior in its field of expertise.

Try some today.

You should expect nothing less than the best in life, so expect nothing less than the best from Grandma Rosie’s, and 4M.



Cos Twin-Pack


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