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Honeycomb Yellowbox 400gm. *BEST QUALITY* *100% Australian Honeycomb*


PREMIUM QUALITY, Yellowbox Honeycomb 400gm.


From their website.
“Cut straight from our hives frames and combined with our pure Australian honey, our classic honeycomb oozes with the tantalising flavours of Australian eucalyptus. Amazingly our bodies have enzymes fully capable of breaking down the wax, so everything inside this little box is completely edible.”

What is Honeycomb?
​Honeycomb is made up of beeswax, forming the hexagonal structure that is used to store the rawest and purest form of honey which contains high nutritional, vitamin and mineral value.

Health Benefits
Honeycomb contains high levels of antioxidants and antibacterial activity affecting the body through cleansing out blood vessels and aiding the digestive tract as an alkaline forming food –  maintaining a healthy acid/alkaline balance. Furthermore, it contains potassium which results in bacteria having the inability to survive in honey because of its properties as a mineral. Raw honey straight from the honeycomb is used to treat scarring and for various types of skin infections. It’s quite popular as a facial moisturizer, a mask and a body scrub especially in regions of Asia in which individuals apply to soften the skin, further forming a layer of protection.

At Australian ‘Queen Bee Line’, they pride themselves in producing 100% Pure Australian Honey products from their very own hives; supplying outlets around Australia and various parts of the world. Australian Queen Bee Line products are apart of ‘The Australian Made Campaign’. They guarantee that 100% of all their honey, by-products and major processing has been produced and conducted in Australia.

​Proudly family run honey producers based in Orange, NSW Australia. Delivering bee and apiary products worldwide and pollination services for the Central West.



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