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Orange Juice ‘East Coast’ 2 litre Bottle. *PREMIUM QUALITY* *TOP BUY*


ABSOLUTELY The Best Quality, Australian Made and Grown Orange Juice 2 litre, Bottle.



Grandma Rosie’s continues to bring you the best fruit and vegetable juices from the market, to your workplace, and your home, and these ‘PREMIUM QUALITY’, 2 litre, East Coast Orange Juice are EXACTLY that!
…and for a short time, they are one of our TOP BUYS this week.

These refreshing, Vitamin C rich juices, are made by AUSSIES  for AUSSIES, from 100% FRESH, AUSTRALIAN GROWN ORANGES, and NOT from CONCENTRATES, NOR FROM IMPORTED CITRUS!!

The east Coast brand began in 1965, with the grandfather of the current owners, growing oranges in their back yard.
Today, they are a 3rd generation family of Citrus Farmers, still supplying a range of fruit juices picked from that same farm at Kulnura in NSW.

This information is from their official page.
“Eastcoast has been providing premium, Australian fresh fruit juices, fruit drinks, and spring water since 1965!
All of our citrus is grown, squeezed and bottled at our family farm on the Central Coast by Aussie hands on Aussie land.”




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