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Navel Oranges. Aussie ‘Late Lane’ LARGE Each – *ABSOLUTELY THE BEST ON THE MARKET!*


These PREMIUM, ‘LATE LANE’, Aussie Navel oranges, are what we have been waiting for all year!

Buy some now, before it is too late!
You will not buy better!

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We continue to bring you the best eating fruit and vegetables from market to your home, and these ‘NIPPY’s’ LATE LANE Navel Oranges are EXACTLY what we’ve been waiting for all season!

Right now, these Premium Quality, NIPPY’s brand, Aussie LATE LANE Navel oranges are the best oranges in the country.

Founding member Alic Knispel started growing and packing citrus in the Riverland of South Australia, in the early 1900s.
They are situated on the eastern edge of the township, in the Riverland of South Australia, making it ideal for growing citrus. Originally established in 1914 as a Growers Co-operative to pack and sell dried fruit, it is now a privately owned part of the Knispel family group of companies growing citrus and distributing all around Australia.

These ‘NIPPYs’ Navel Oranges have a beautiful, and rich orange coloured skin, and the flesh is juicy, and also has a dense, rich orange colour!

…and did I mention they are incredibly sweet?

They are absolutely the best eating NAVEL ORANGES at the market right now, and they (once again..) are coming to the end of their season, and Valencia’s begin to flood the market.

Try some today, and you will thoroughly enjoy them!



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